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Carl Berry has created a comprehensive site covering the Bristol RELH/ECW Mark 1 coach combination which can be found at The specific page detailing the history of SAX1G can be found at

Rob Sly’s Bristol CV website lists the surviving examples of vehicles with chassis constructed by BCV, and the reference to SAX1G can be found at

A second Red & White Bristol RELH6L/ECW coach has been preserved, OAX9F from the 1968 batch, and the current owner has created a website, at

The preserved RESL6L bus from the 1967 batch also has its own web page.

And, for something completely different…. all right, not completely different. This website was created as an exercise in building websites, displaying photos in various ways, and shows a small selection of photos of vehicles from Red & White and its associated and successor companies. Not my favourite vehicles, but an unavoidable part of the scene in the 1970s. Love them or loathe them, you couldn’t ignore them, and they’re mostly gone now…

A further selection of my photographs, including a wider range of subjects, can be found at